Who am I?.

My name is Steven, and I have been studying and practicing Graphic Design for the past seven years. In this time, design has become a passion, a career choice, and a creation method that keeps me entertained. Outside of design, I am a lover of adventure and the outdoors, and both a guiding and leading figure for those around me. I am a focused hard worker who is not afraid to get things done.


The Impossible Triangle

The impossible triangle, also known as the Penrose Triangle, is a form popularized by Lionel Penrose, a psychiatrist, and his son Roger Penrose, a mathemetician, in the 1950s. Roger Penrose had been inspired in its creation by M. C. Escher, and they described the form as "impossibility in its purest form." In such impossibility, Escher was then inspired by the Penrose Triangle in his own work.

For me, the impossible triangle is more than just a pure form of impossibility; it is a perfect unification following the rule of three. The impossible triangle represents these unifications I find in my own life, from the digital trio of graphic design to the three duties in the Scout Oath. It reminds me that no matter how complicated or impossible a challenge may seem, there is always a solution.