Captain's Crate is a conceptual company who plans to become a dominant force in the seafood market by offering their products fresh and on delivery. Their mission statement describes their goals best: "We are commited to delivering the highest quality seafood directly from the sea to your home in one day to assure freshness."

This project was an extensive dive into the developing the strategic branding of Captain's Crate. The steps involved in this undertaking included the development of the mission statement, analyzing their audience, creating user personas, analzying their competitors, conducting market research, and developing a SWOT analysis. Then, after establishing the necessary background information for the company, a logo and color palette were developed using these findings. Guidelines for the logo, fonts, and color palette usage were then established.

These guidelines were demonstarated through the creation of various touch points. This included a set of stationary, website design, pack-in materials including a recipie card and a thank-you note, social media design, and design for the shipping box and tape.